How to order?

Shopping Cart

Once you’ve created a L.A. GIRL MALAYSIA , find the item you would like to purchase. Select the shade and quantity then click “Add to Cart”.

You will be able to change the quantity in your shopping bag. Enter the quantity, then edit and click " Update “and  WE button. You can also remove an item, simply click "Remove " button


Ordering Hours / Working Hours

You may order with us 24/7, anytime! We are usually available for chat/enquiries from 10am – 9.30pm, Monday to Sunday except on public holidays. 



When you’ve completed shopping, click on the checkout button at the top the page. 

Follow the onscreen instructions to proceed through the checkout process. Please note that you may change the contents of your shopping bag during “view cart” prior to clicking on checkout button. 



Order Confirmation

Immediately after you have successfully placed your order with us, you will receive an e-mail that contains information regarding the details of your order. You may then proceed with your payment. If you wish to amend your order (highly not encouraged), please contact us immediately. 


Order Status

Check the status of your order anytime online by login into your account. This feature is not applicable for guest checkout.
Please note that it may take up to 24 hours before information appears on the website. 



“Pending” – Your order has been received.

“On-Hold” – Awaiting BACS payment Order status changed from Pending Payment to On Hold.


“Processing” – Your payment has been received and we will be processing your order within the next 1-3 working days. 


“Processed” – Your order has been sent to our packing team and will be in queue for packing. 


“Canceled” – Your order has been cancelled by your request, or due to other reasons, i.e out of stock, defective unit, etc. 


“Expired” – Your order has been unattended for 5 days without any notice to us. 


“Shipped” – Your order has been shipped.


“Completed” – Your order has been completed and we have sent you a delivery follow-up email.


“Failed” – Your payment has failed. We do not process failed payment orders. If you have any questions or concerns when placing an order or if you wish to inquire about a previously placed order, please contact us at 03 - 2303 0105 (Office )010-2999610 ( HP ) or email us at For fastest service, please have your order number available.



Checking / Tracking Your Order

To check your order status, go to My Account, then under “View Orders” section, click on “View Recent Orders”. Search for your order and the status will show on the top right corner of the order. If you need the banking information, click on , and scroll to the bottom. Status of your order will be updated from time to time. 



International Orders

Currently we do not accept international orders. We only ship within Malaysia.