Payment Terms

We accept bank transfer / cash deposit / online bank transfer from these banks :-

•  Maybank 

You may also perform interbank transfer. We will process your order immediately after the payment is confirmed cleared by our bank. Once you have clicked on "confirm order", an automatic email with bank details (if you chose ATM Transfer / Cash Deposit) will be emailed to you. 


After you made the payment (manually without using payment gateway), please send us the payment details of :

Bank Name :
Banking Date :
Banking Time :
Banking Reference No :
Total ammount you have paid :
Your Invoice No :
Attachment : Printscreen of transaction / Scanned bank in slip


Email :
Office Phone :  03  9108 0544
WhatsApp: 010 2999 610

If you overpaid the amount, we will refund you the balance through post together with your order.


Deposit (RM50 or 50% of product worth) is required for stock reservation. The deposit is non-refundable or exchangable for any other goods unless we fail to retain the goods for any unforeseen reasons (stock damaged, stock expired, etc).  This is to ensure fairness to potential customers. 


All payments must be made in full when the pre-ordered products arrived. We will only keep stock for you for 2 weeks, unless you notify us before hand with a reason. Deposit will be forfeited after 3 weeks if no notification is received.